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2014- Present   Rutgers University, Ph.D. Linguistics


2012-  2014       University of Ghana, Mphil Linguistics
                            Thesis: Linguistics strategies in the expression of modality in Akan.


2007-  2011       University of Cape Coast, B.A English, and  Linguistics

                            Thesis: The Semantics of the Akan indefinite determiner bi.


Under Review    Are clausal determiners, propositional determiner? On the strong-weak

                             Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (Revised second version in response to                              Revise and Resubmit decision on first submitted version )      

2022                    Definite indefinite stacking in Akan

                           Descriptive and theoretical approaches to African linguistics: Selected                                  papers from the 49th Annual Conference on African

                           Linguistics (Contemporary African Linguistics 6).
                           Berlin: Language Science Press. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6358613


Invited Talks

2024                   Are clausal determiners, propositional determiner?       

                            Harvard Linguistics Colloquium

2023                   Are there complex predicates in Akan? Evidence from adverbial modification  

                            ALS-LSA Workshop: Complex/clustered predicates and argument structure in

                            African languages

                          Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute University Of          


Presented with Comfort Ahenkorah (Yale University)

2021                    Definite indefinite stacking in Akan.       

                            Triple A Semantics Conference. National University of Singapore

2020                  Definite Propositions and Clausal Determiners

                           Colloquium talk. Boston University. Boston Massachusetts 

2017                 Actuality Entailment in Akan.

                         New York University                    

                          Linguistics Department

Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

2024                    Definite wh-questions in Akan
                            Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL) 55                                 

                            McGill University, Montreal, Canada


2019                    Bare Nouns in Akan  Revisted. Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian  Languages                                        (TripleA6)-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. (handout)


                           Determiners outside the nominal domain.  Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL50.                                   The University of British Columbia, Vancouver​

2018                  Actuality Entailment in Akan and Lubukusu

                           Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL) 49, Michigan State University (with Ken Safir)



                           Tense and Aspect in Akan Coordinate Constructions

                           Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL) 49, Michigan State University 


2017                  Actuality Entailment in Akan
                           Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages (TripleA 4)- Gothenburg, Sweden


                           Another look at bi: an Epistemic Indefinite Analysis

                           Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL) 48, Indiana University


                           The Typology of NC sequences in Central Tano.
                           Annual Conference of African Linguistics (ACAL) 48, Indiana University 



2016                  Actuality Entailment in Akan (Poster)
                           Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM) 6, Hunter College, CUNY.



2015                 Modal Concord in Akan
                          8th World Congress of African Linguistics, Kyoto University, Japan.



2013                 A comparative study of Reflexivisation in Akan and Ewe.
                          Linguistics Association Conference (LAG), University of Cape Coast.





2017            Tense and Aspect in Akan Multi-verbal Clauses. Qualifying Paper, Rutgers University

2016             Actuality Entailment in Akan. Qualifying Paper. Rutgers University

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